Good news

My hamster give birth to 5 more all togather now is 10 hamsters !! Need to wait 2 weeks before separate them from mama.
anyone interested to buy/adopt hamster, please email me.

Type - roboski
Price - Rm5-10 / per (nego)
Good condition, no biting, very active one

Another news, my hse are ready and I gonna get the key !! congrat..
but sad la, got no $$ to reno the $$$ 1st

Built up area: 1,930 sq ft to 2,110 sq ft
Land Area: 22' x 75'
Type: Intermediate Unit
Let me show some part of my hse

Floor Plan

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YuMiKo said...

weeee......darling hse siap ady.....congrats...congrats....once buat hse warming dun forget me haaa....