SO Wedding

Finally, my jimui Shirley's wedding is here. Held in Fortuna Palace, Kajang.

Due to limited resources, we only come out with this decoration for the car

After so many years....the changes

me & ah jeh

Wonderful nite & wish the couple happily ever after

SAP Boot Camp

Another busy week with SAP training. Is a very basic training on SAP HCM and I really looking forward to the end of the training to see how much I've learn. Next month will be more intensive training..more hand-on training..I know SAP knowledge is very valuable in the market and I wish I can get a better job in future (better job means more $$$ lor) position not a matter, but $$$ is. hahahaha. God bless me

Haih..I'm trying hard to improve ability to ask & prompt question.Those instructor are really helpful and great. Some from Atlanta, Georgia..some from Jacksonville & Florida, US.

Will post last weekend event soon !