Dinner at Vivo

Went to Vivo last thursday to have dinner with my coll. We ordered 3 crab as the waitress told us the crab on that day was quite small.But when the dishes arrived, it suprised us. dam huge crab and only 4 of us. We also ordered some side dishes and 2 different taste of crab, pepper & chilis which I felt nothing compare to KL crab. The food quite salty. The 3 crab cost around $120. For dessert we went to Haagen Daaz. slurps

Sri lanka Chili Crab..dam huge...I ate 2 piece of this 'gong'..feel dam jelak...don ask me eat crab for the next few month..

Mango & Strawberry

Strawberry smoothies

NY Brownies

Green Tea & Strawberry berries

Getting my 1st car

Was busy surveying around as I'm getting my 1st car. Little budget could only afford local car...
Went to Honda Showroom to have test drive, my love Honda City. Extremely nice car, powerful and comfortable with price less than 100K. If I have higher salary, I definetely go for it. Too sad... arrrghhh

So, now currently still looking around..either Myvi 1.3 SGH or Persona 1.6 CamPro . Both price around come around RM46-49K. So, I gonna do the test drive next weekend and make booking.

Looking to transfer my mobile line

Starhub - 3G Power Play II
The contract end at Oct 2009
Monthly fees $28 -20% (12mths)
Free IDD 018
Free incoming calls
Free 300 sms (all local line)

I will pay the transfer fees
Anyone instrested pls PM me. Thanks

Call Girl

Maths genius turned hooker an escort girl and earning good amount of $$. Of course, she is not as hot as escort from Emperors Club VIP - Ashley DiPietro aka Nina Venetta aka Ashley Alexandra Dupré, a 22 yrs old high price call girl which recently relates to New York Governer scandal.

More and more gals turn into this high pay and exciting job. There are pron & cons. You can earn $$ and have life just like pretty women. Men treat you like a queen or even mistress. Great pleasure and great sex.

A statement from Sufiah"People think escorting is sleazy and terrible but I don't see it like that," she says. "I've always had a high sex drive—and now I'm getting all the sex I want—and guys are much better in bed with an escort than a girlfriend. "

Hellyah..I'm agree on what's she said. Men always like to have kinky and exciting sex. Imagine having the same sex partner, same boring sex every weekend..just like routine. Who doesn't bored, worse if your partner does not have an attractive body. Every men is the same. Dirty and wild minded. You tell me who don't ... except those blind and gay laaa.That's why porn and adult business are running pretty good nowadays. I noticed Sifuah have nice body and nice cup size but not so pretty.
P/S: Invest and spice up your sex life. Or go for those indonesian massage to tighten your private part or you can try vaginal rejuvenation to get back the feelin as teen!


Sunday class

I just finished my pilates class and back at home. I just love the pilates teacher, Aloysius.He is a person with sense of humor and nice to talk with. He is not the handsome type with muscular body and tall. He is a medium size, well tone muscle and not very tall but he got his attractive side. I enjoy his class very much and whenever I am free, I will go for his class every sunday. We learn breathing technique, controlling the lungs and lenghten the spine and etc. Pilates eventually are good for improving posture, muscle and spine.

Oh..I just remember my next target...climb the Kinabalu Mount next year. Have to register approximately 6 mth before the actual date. Need to prepare good stamina and breathing as well.

Hungry hungry after class..gonna shower and eat now !! adios

No header for today

I have no idea what to write today..so many things inside my mind yet I can't write it out in public.
How I wish time can pass fast..1 week gone. Still got 6 week to go.Just have my tea break~cheese cake and walk around office to chit-chat. Plan to 'siam' early today.
Oh..I remember what I wanna share today. Am quite happy coz finally I can afford to get a car with my own hand. Of course local car lar...liability is not as important as property, so don waste $$ on liability. Mayb in future I get my dream car when I am getting higher pay.

Some ppl are lucky enough, born with golden key. Parents will get them new pretty car for them. Some lucky to get rich man to buy them a luxurious car. In my point of view, there are pro & cons. Either u are lucky enough or on the other hands u relying on a man to survive.

For me, of course I am happy when my man spend $$ on me but of course with a limit. Personally, I am independent and try to get anything I want by my own hand which I am proud of sometimes..hahhahaha * beh paiseh. Some gals rely to a man alot..eating out,shopping & everything their man have to pay for her..pls la..wat happen one day if he dump you..or do you ever think your man will tired spending money on you one day..unless he is dam fucking rich fella la and don mind spend $$ on you rather spend time with you.Although he don mind now, but when one day when there is an argument between you & him, or when he is an old man..all the rubbish things will come from his mouth.

I don said all men will do that but practically 7 out of 10 man out there are cheapskate and 'jin'. Anyway, i lurve my darling ~~ coz he sayang me and of course he know I am independent women and playful. I know my weaknesses and now I need to learn how to 'tai chi' and to survive in corporate if want to jump high.
Ok.Done for the day. I am going home soon. no shopping for the rest few month in order to save $$ for my washine machine, fridge, heater and sofa ~ haih