No header for today

I have no idea what to write many things inside my mind yet I can't write it out in public.
How I wish time can pass fast..1 week gone. Still got 6 week to go.Just have my tea break~cheese cake and walk around office to chit-chat. Plan to 'siam' early today.
Oh..I remember what I wanna share today. Am quite happy coz finally I can afford to get a car with my own hand. Of course local car lar...liability is not as important as property, so don waste $$ on liability. Mayb in future I get my dream car when I am getting higher pay.

Some ppl are lucky enough, born with golden key. Parents will get them new pretty car for them. Some lucky to get rich man to buy them a luxurious car. In my point of view, there are pro & cons. Either u are lucky enough or on the other hands u relying on a man to survive.

For me, of course I am happy when my man spend $$ on me but of course with a limit. Personally, I am independent and try to get anything I want by my own hand which I am proud of sometimes..hahhahaha * beh paiseh. Some gals rely to a man alot..eating out,shopping & everything their man have to pay for her..pls la..wat happen one day if he dump you..or do you ever think your man will tired spending money on you one day..unless he is dam fucking rich fella la and don mind spend $$ on you rather spend time with you.Although he don mind now, but when one day when there is an argument between you & him, or when he is an old man..all the rubbish things will come from his mouth.

I don said all men will do that but practically 7 out of 10 man out there are cheapskate and 'jin'. Anyway, i lurve my darling ~~ coz he sayang me and of course he know I am independent women and playful. I know my weaknesses and now I need to learn how to 'tai chi' and to survive in corporate if want to jump high.
Ok.Done for the day. I am going home soon. no shopping for the rest few month in order to save $$ for my washine machine, fridge, heater and sofa ~ haih


RealGunners said...

New Saga: my friend have 1, seems like 1st batch got 1 big flaw ~ when it's raining, u'll be like motorbikers, water get inside.

Viva: don't know, but most reviews said, same price as Myvi, minus the space and alot of safety features.

i think Myvi is still the best choice, haih... don't buy imports, our beloved Bodowi just announce no more subsidy for 97 unleaded..

mars said...

Myvi..i like Myvi also..see how got very tight budget..need to dump $$ on hse renovation..