Dinner at Vivo

Went to Vivo last thursday to have dinner with my coll. We ordered 3 crab as the waitress told us the crab on that day was quite small.But when the dishes arrived, it suprised us. dam huge crab and only 4 of us. We also ordered some side dishes and 2 different taste of crab, pepper & chilis which I felt nothing compare to KL crab. The food quite salty. The 3 crab cost around $120. For dessert we went to Haagen Daaz. slurps

Sri lanka Chili Crab..dam huge...I ate 2 piece of this 'gong'..feel dam jelak...don ask me eat crab for the next few month..

Mango & Strawberry

Strawberry smoothies

NY Brownies

Green Tea & Strawberry berries

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RealGunners said...

mayb i should go there if i decide to job hunt there.. the last time i went to sg, there's orchard road and suntec city, but never heard of any vivo.. that's how long i've never been down there hehehe