Goreng my boss sotong

Finally I goreng my boss sotong after tahan for so long. cannot work with her aldy..the longer i work with her..i think i will outsource her to gangster 'anneh' kao tim her in a proper way..hahhahaha....one more sei 'bao tau' boss..really beh tahan the mgmt here..no proper mgmt and no proper escalatation matrix..

As a team, I offer help out to do some of the work since not there are enough staff..once any prob nobody even will care..u do it, u solve it. No ppl I can ask for help, except sifu..sifu now also charm..lotsa work..You think I am God meh..I also dunno one,but cant do anything but to push myself to understand and solve it. Been struggling but no one care..kiasu singaporean.. *ps..not all la..some of them really kiasu & demanding.

I wish I can serve shorter notice period.. 2 mth leh !!!! wat a long period..everyday have to see my knn boss face..don even let me take leave..but there is HR policy dude..i don care..no leave..i take MC..

counting the days

sianz..can you imagine watch yr boss black face everyday..my face can be even darker....counting my days now..boh chap..do my work n go home.. anything..remember BCC & CC....coverrrrr backside

I am going for holiday on the wesak week.. 4D3Nite at Krabi Thai Village resort..can't wait for suntan with my bikini ~~


How many type of underwear you have in yr wardrobe ? Is a fashions for women and you can consider underwear as important as outerwear. Daily underwear wardrobe may depend on women’s type of mood or outer wardrobe. Diff types of underwear are for different event or occasion, the daily routine, or activity.

Myself I have diff types but most I love is hipster and thongs. Comfortable and sexy in a way. Some guys find it really hot when girls wear those ones that show like half her ass cheeks. Provided if your ass are firm and nice. Do more 'Stepping' exercise and soon you will have ass like JLo.

little update for the week

Juz back from KL..damm..on leave also need to work ..somemore till 2am..anyway, feel good af the weekend. Went to MV for shopping..bought MNG jeans and shirt..bought a skirt n blouse. Bought some cheap eye & face mask for daily/weekly usage, coz my eye mask too expensive and only for monthly use. (shhh*RM270 for 10 pairs)
Have my afternoon tea break at Dome..relaxing and statify af work so hard last week. yaaa

Now alwiz boh eng at work~ so I decide boh chap n juz do watever my boss ask me to.There are 2 parties now..everyday I juz do watever which parties of boss won. So I do for both department..Feel hopeless n no interest work hard for it.

So I got my finalise my decision. Let's see how long I be there. Was in the mid planning for my beach visit of the year. Every day I muz pay a visit to beach with my bikini and have suntan, eat sleep and have good sex. wahahhahha

better day

Was rushing for whole day..can't even finished my 6" inch chicken teriyaki subway sandwich for my lunch..continue sandwich at 6pm.."sudah lembik la" the honey oat bread..

but at least i can breath af 6pm..left office at 7.30pm..2mlw another busy day..but i guess better than the day before..

now i gonna have my maggi & watch heroes season 2 ~ cheers

Ohh...this saturday I gonna get my new hse key !! oh la ~ la ~

ever work until cry ?

am so stressful today..was reconcile GL..dammit..morning, running payroll and finalise reports for clients. Then GL reconcilation, every single hours client called for status..their GL is most complicated GL.total not tally with pay register. Missing employee to reconcile and need to reconcile January. How am i gonna to find the amount tagged to diff HED code, Fin dept code , and GL code and put them manually in flat file..siao arr..

i work on tat issue from noon till 9pm+. Had my quick lunch at 3.30pm while doin it.cant even finish my lunch..

9.30pm..off..tat it.off for the day....I work until i cry....fck*

goin back KL

me: sigh..boh piang arr..I wanna go back home early today...beh tahan liao...go back collect bus ticket"

co-worker : goin back KL.I also goin back for vote

me: I go back for massage !!..paiseh..I haven't register yet. I