little update for the week

Juz back from KL..damm..on leave also need to work ..somemore till 2am..anyway, feel good af the weekend. Went to MV for shopping..bought MNG jeans and shirt..bought a skirt n blouse. Bought some cheap eye & face mask for daily/weekly usage, coz my eye mask too expensive and only for monthly use. (shhh*RM270 for 10 pairs)
Have my afternoon tea break at Dome..relaxing and statify af work so hard last week. yaaa

Now alwiz boh eng at work~ so I decide boh chap n juz do watever my boss ask me to.There are 2 parties now..everyday I juz do watever which parties of boss won. So I do for both department..Feel hopeless n no interest work hard for it.

So I got my finalise my decision. Let's see how long I be there. Was in the mid planning for my beach visit of the year. Every day I muz pay a visit to beach with my bikini and have suntan, eat sleep and have good sex. wahahhahha

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