Goreng my boss sotong

Finally I goreng my boss sotong after tahan for so long. cannot work with her aldy..the longer i work with her..i think i will outsource her to gangster 'anneh' kao tim her in a proper way..hahhahaha....one more sei 'bao tau' boss..really beh tahan the mgmt here..no proper mgmt and no proper escalatation matrix..

As a team, I offer help out to do some of the work since not there are enough staff..once any prob nobody even will care..u do it, u solve it. No ppl I can ask for help, except sifu..sifu now also charm..lotsa work..You think I am God meh..I also dunno one,but cant do anything but to push myself to understand and solve it. Been struggling but no one care..kiasu singaporean.. *ps..not all la..some of them really kiasu & demanding.

I wish I can serve shorter notice period.. 2 mth leh !!!! wat a long period..everyday have to see my knn boss face..don even let me take leave..but there is HR policy dude..i don care..no leave..i take MC..

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