7 Songs

Alamak..I was tagged by Cely.
Wat am I supposed to do now....

Rules:I have to name seven songs which I am listening to these days. The songs can be in any genre; with or without lyrics. The most important thing is that I enjoy listening to them all and will not get bored.

Music live up you soul when u are sad, light up when you are happy.

Here is my list 7 songs currently I am listening

  1. LeYota Luckett - Torn
    • Been listening to this song repeatedly. The rhythm may make you feel relax and sexy at the same time. Good arrangement harr..
  2. Heather Hedley - I wish I wasn't
    • A song given by an old fren few year back. Such a nice song.
  3. Paula DeAndaã - Footprints On My Heartã
    • A Jazz style of song.Easy listening.
  4. Pussycat Dolls - Swãy
    • Mumbo Jumbo..let's dance with this sexy song.
  5. 张惠妹 - 我要快樂
    • Yes..I am happy but I want more happiness.I am greedy..btw who doesn't.One of my fav karaoke song although is diff to sing.
  6. 孙燕姿 - Sometimes Love Just Aint't Enough
    • My favourite all the time. The lyrics just make me melt and yea.especially when you lonely or having trouble in love matter.
  7. 东方神起 (TVXQ) - One
    • Recently I have been listening to this song korean song alot. This is a nice song.I have this song as my darling ringtones..ngek ngek..simply for fun.

Dunno who I wanna tag...

Penang Local Food

Dunno wat the rood name, but near alot hawkers & this place was famous with Hokkien Prawn Mee @ the little stalls. The food was okie & but not up to the standard that I think.

Seafood at Hilly Town @ Penang

A hills top restautrant serviced a nice, delicious & affortable seafood. Nice view, windy & cool just like sitting at Coffee bean @ Genting. We order 5 dishes - Spicy Crab with Mantao,Kangkung Belacan, Tomyam Steam fish, XO taufu & butter cheese lobster. The seafood was fresh & the butter cheese baby lobster was creamy but not too cheesy. Once bite, u can feel the lobster freshness meat. *thumbs up
The place open from 5pm - 12midnite. Customer are advisable to make advance booking as most of the time, the table are fully taken. You may not alwiz get to eat the local baby lobster but we are lucky enough yday. We order 2 lobster which only cost RM60.Overall the bills cost RM172.

Malang nya ~

Yehhhh...my little 50cent scar....from my dad motor eksoz.Dam pain! Malangyaaaaaaaaaa

Sarawak Laksa

Where is the best Sarawak Laksa in town ? There is a stall in Desa Setapak, opposite BRJ mamak, selling quite delicious swak laksa in town. The price are reasonable. RM4 -RM5. Not tat spicy but the aroma & the tasty laksa soup is superb! I,myself will have swak laksa 2-3 times a month. The seller was an Iban from Swak. The laksa will serve with some belacan with lime. Inside the laksa, there a meehoon, prawn,egg & chicken slices, & w/o taugeh(follow own preferences) .There is another nice sarawak Laksa at Happy Garden, Bangsar.

3 layer Teh C Peng

The 3 layer teh c peng was taste very good. So far, I have not see any in KL yet. KL only have teh c peng, which not all kopitiam have a nice one. Wangsa Maju, SS2 & Puchong have a quite nice teh c peng (diff ppl hav diff preferences of course).

The three layers were distinctive and the concoction was very thick and sweet and strong. One glass retails for just RM 1++. The base actually is pandan flavor gula melaka.. the combination of all make it a best drink for most sarawakian.

The pandan flavor (pic show above) is from one the kopitiam in Simanggang town. In Kuching, 7th mile, Kota Sentosa, you may find the same drink but it is not pandan flavor but brown color. Also one nice drink !

Budget Dinner Dress of the Month

A wedding dinner is coming soon..yea..next week @ Penang. And I am broke...Juz manage to get a budget dress for the dinner. Simple is the best !

Bisexual ~ yea

When is your 1st time have sex ? Truly amazing or just PAIN!
When is your 1st time have threesome ? How is it feel ? Excited ? Curious ? Animal sex ?
I was going through some blog & come to babe blog...She is an amazing writter..Look the way she describe her 1st threesome is superb.

Threesome is something extraordinary & a way to spice up sex life..but is not acceptable by many ppl especially couples.The author is diff...she is from Hong Kong & currently working in Singapore.. She is god of sex .... modern thinker...open minded bisexual lady

Last day

Today in my life book, last day of my 1st permanent job
as an HR Advisor. Juz a sui day..drove to work this morning,
car broken down on KL-Seremban Highway. The connection of the
battery is very weak. So, wat i do is..called my dad for help.
After 1 hr..by 10am, I finally reached office..carrying my
laptop 3.5kg !! so dam blardy heavy..btw, is belong to my
new company.

Half day in office, then rush back to new office in Mont Kiara
after got acceptance of resignation letter. My current position
is Application Consultant - Consulting & support Services.
Everyone need to carry own laptop & most of the time will
be at client place..new challenging task huh...Hopefully
will bring me a better future..

My SLK..gonna broke down again...adoi...

Turtle on msn

These few day I noticed on my msn..so many user put turtle icon..aper ni...