3 layer Teh C Peng

The 3 layer teh c peng was taste very good. So far, I have not see any in KL yet. KL only have teh c peng, which not all kopitiam have a nice one. Wangsa Maju, SS2 & Puchong have a quite nice teh c peng (diff ppl hav diff preferences of course).

The three layers were distinctive and the concoction was very thick and sweet and strong. One glass retails for just RM 1++. The base actually is pandan flavor gula melaka.. the combination of all make it a best drink for most sarawakian.

The pandan flavor (pic show above) is from one the kopitiam in Simanggang town. In Kuching, 7th mile, Kota Sentosa, you may find the same drink but it is not pandan flavor but brown color. Also one nice drink !


peisheah said...

I didn't know a drink so special like that existin Malaysia. Why don't someone sell it in Klang Valley?

mars said...

yeah..I also wonder Y no ppl sell it here..but tat's make it the only drink u can get from Swak but not other plc...kkekeke

hlnio said...

it's called Teh Peng in KL if i'm not mistaken. the letter "C" refers to Carnation, a brand of evaporated milk commonly used in Teh C peng.