dunno my decision is right or wrong. My new job scope gonna change as I taking up team lead role for one massive client. Migration & operation is totally different world I can said. Both have different expection and market value. One is project based and another one is cycle task.

anyway, I will finish up one cycle of migration and take up some knowledge from Payroll. Probation period about 3 mth before promote to TL. Let's take tis period as a learning period and test whether I suitable or not. The truth is, which I told my boss, got increment I will do. $$$. I take tis chance to increase my salary value so next job, i can request higher marr...wish me good luck

my plan is to do internal HRIS in future. Don want too stress work, coz i want to be leng auntie in future. wahahhahaha

adoi.....5 ekor hamster go to heaven liao today...go teman Lydia SUm aka fei jeh !! the mama hamster dunno take care her babies....sad sad


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