GGL Bday at The Loft

Welcome GGL to the world of 30's. Tai kor jai la...sang sang seng sengla....don bullshit & tell me...lam yan sam sap, yat tiu long...dengggg. He celebrate his bday at The Loft. Dunno how many bottle of black label ordered liao..7 or 8 bottle ? 4 shot of lamborgini, 2 shot AK47 ..wat else u guys order? how many ppl already? cant remember all the name? i remember one called himself 'fai cai', sei 9..wahhahaha. don think all of them remember my name...I am Yu tan...~ yu tan mui ~ isk isk...
Anyway, sang yat fai lok..u owe me ..coz i puke on the way to have my morning dimsum...thanks to the lamborgini + the AK47. Wuakkkk

this happen after more than 9 glass of black label,
one shot lambogini, one shot of AK47

go go 2nd shot of lamborgini ~

Ray fire his black label ~ isk isk isk

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