Nite with an old fren

Friday nite & I was rushing my work..raining outside...8pm finished back to KL from Cyberjaya....dark & cold nite outside..blardy Seremban Highway jam all the way from Sri Petaling ...ppl rushing then only jam...*wtf

already promise to meet at emily's lou kong plc by 9...& I am still in Sungai Besi tat time..alamak...late...postponed timing to 9.30pm...luckily enough KL not jam...Jam was from bulatan Kg Pandan/Jln Tun Razak..

Rushin back to my hse..take some vcds..all those romance & sad story..wahhaha..for my jimui.. meet emily & seem like May havent reach went to Kepong & have light dinner. By 10.30..we went to May hse & both of us went to Sri Hartamas Coffee Bean to hav some drink & chat..on the way meet sui poh Berry Jeh ! long time no see....hehehe...gonna have some plan this saturday~

Ger talk
latest gossip
UK & Msia Life
Lonely & single ppl as both of us - one word "sien"
wanted to look for someone but god! where the hell those guy gone to...or already taken by ppl..sigh

chat chat till 1am..cabut Coffee bean workers starting to clean up...
anyway, Thanks to May Cheah for the souvenior & fun nite out ~ gonna miss her when she back to UK working..& me muz gambateh ~ looking for a job in Singapore ..muz work hard for $$$ while we are still single...

*the end

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