A local production, Sepet. The movie isn't perfect but the acting, especially by the leads, was totally convincing. A chinese vcds seller, Jason fall in love with a well educated Malay girl, Orked. Love at first sight, I guess.
I like the way Orked called Jason "Sayang" & "Sweetheart". That was so sweet & romantic..So many scene has made me cried hard.

A scene where Jason asked Orked "How long did it take you to fall in love with me?"
"A minutes" while Jason said " Much less than that" ..

I do believe that to fall in love with someone its depends to individual. Some people fall in love after getting to know each other more. To have someone besides you, so that we call rely to each other, to love, to care and to hold each other when fell lonely. Sleep next to the one you love, really could make the world so dam beautiful & bring a sweet smile even when you are asleep. Don ask me why, don ask me how I know..ask yourself..duh...

The last scene was so touching, where Orked leaving to UK for further study while Jason ride his motorbike rushin to airport. Bad thing happen. Sad sad ~

This is the letter Jason wrote to Orked. I love the phrase they wrote. It was so meaningful.

"I was so panic...couldnt even sleep....
but then the panic will go away everytime I saw ur face or just heard your voice
I used to write poetry, coz to me it just like writting letter to god
to tell someone I couldnt see how I felt inside
then finally God replied the poetry will sound more beautiful than everything else, he gave me you
Orked, you are my poetry
from, ur sayang Jason...

Ohh..god..this is so sweet. This is why I love to write poem so much. To sound out everything that keep inside. A Local movie that you should watch.

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mob1900 said...

Watched the movie. Sad to say, there's totally no chemistry between the two. My first love was a Malay, it's was totally different. And coming out from a fan-pan VCD seller? C'mon. Yasmin need to get the 'real' story on a real inter-racial couple. It's more compelling than this. Anyway, we live in a wrong country to have these 'forbidden' relationships.

Face it, deep down, we're all racist.