Donut~donut~Everyone is crazy for it. Last 2 week I was queue for about 15mins at Dognut Factory, Novena Sq and I quit is time to go up the bus (SG-KL). Fine, so I went to this Pavilion, Bukit Bintang and saw a huge group of ppl line up for donut also. So, without wasting I queue as well. After 40mins, I managed to get one dozen of donut and go home. fuh ~

Eventually, the donut are sweet but the bread are soft. Stored it well to make sure it not exposed to open air for long time as this will harden the bread. They are quite pricey. Good for those sweet lovers. Next round I will try Big Apple Donut (the curve/pavilion). Total damage = RM20 + (1 dozen)

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