Today & About Ah Beng

My finger is in pain. I left my mouse at home & whole day i need to use this G-Spot Red spot. "Y don you ask yr IT to borrow one mouse?"
I did ask but currently no mouse available. haihhhhhhhhhh~ sorry for slow work progress today la...
Cely borrow me a book today titled "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" by Richard Carlson.
Do you alwiz overact and take this too seriously? Personally, I think is quite tiring to be perfectionist.
Work seriously when there is a need. try to be patient, listen to others, be a good listener and open yr
heart to accept others weakness.
Make PEACE with Imperfection.Don make your life difficult by being a perfectionist.
This book generally reveals way to reduce stressful life. By making small change in your daily life will help you in a long run.
I read it in MRT, coz it take me 40 mins to reached my destined station.

One of the chapter title "Remind Yourself that When You Die, Your Basket, Won't be empty"
I found one sentence quite suits to current ppl - 'Sadly, I've seen many ppl who put off their loved ones so long that the loved one lose interest
in maintaining the relationship.'
Don't empty your basket, as there alwiz to do list to complete. Try to spice up you & yr partner life with suprises.
Myself, it have been 2yrs + I'm in relationship. Time pass really fast.
It is true to admit, things will get slow once reached the certain level. Small issue will led to misunderstanding, thus i lose dunno how many litre of tears
Open talk will eventually help to solve alot problem.
My darling so called 'Ahbeng' is a responsible & generous person. His attitude towards work is good and helpful, thus his ex-boss hestitate to let him go to other job. They still keep contact and his boss so helpful,
and eventually, when there is good oportunity, he will the 1st time to recommend.
Ah beng is a small talk person, eventually he alwiz lose to his sweetheart, who alwiz bubble and talk non stop in front of him..
ehem..not to said I very 'ji jar la' ..i can adjust my tone to loud. As older daugther in a family, i need to be 'garang' abit in front of my sisters & bro.
Ah beng very sayang his sweetheart. Alwiz want to feed her eat (this make me growing fat arrr) so she wont feel hungry.
Ah beng also very understanding, and let his sweetheart do wat she want, even let her go oversea works. He will come to visit her frequently although he is busy so his sweetheart won't feel lonely & ji mor nan nai ~ ;P

The best things is, ah beng can cook & do hse keeping, so his sweetheart can rest..wahhahaha.. I can retired from doin hsework & cooking
Of course, we must be fair and divide the work equally :)
We try hard to maintain the relationship strong as we could. Thanks to my darling and muaxx~

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