Fck Off Those Jerk

I was dam freakin free in da office this week. Can catch flies aldy.
Anyway,I am so hardworking (acting busy) when my mgr around.
Thanks God, she was busy with her project & of course
my big boss know that am I free but nothing he can do coz
the project have not start yet. Be ready in 2 week time.
So, I got time to read online newspaper & I came through this news again, about Nurin's death.
After so long, still have not captured the murderer. Let's see how long tis fcuker can hide.
I "let long my pair of eye" & wait the day he sent to the hell
Seeing those children cry & frigtened by these fcuker, I feel so sympathy. Such a small decent & innocent child.
Once captured these fcuker, must cincang his 'little mister', then pulled his fingers nail, toe nail, and cut Botak!
then sebat 20 kali and then add some spice & salt..enough ! let him rest n dried to dead.
The Star

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