gosh..they are so good looking

A Moment to Remember

Jung Woo Sung


Seducing Mr Perfect

Today I think I am kind of desperate or these men are too good looking. 1st movie to recommend is 'A Moment to Remember' sad, touching love movie by Jung Woo Sung and Son Ye Jin. Is was so sweet to see the lover cuddle, play, whisper and talk each others. The story is about a young lady attack by Alzheimer's Disease, where she tend to forgot his husband and family. She met him because of her forgetfulness and she left him because her forgetfulness as well. Yet his husband not giving up on her. The story was touching and was else, of course I cried too. Btw, at the same time I've noticed he have a great body and strong. Hmm..same goes to Daniel Henney in 'Seducing My Perfect ', which is a funny love drama. He act in 'My lovely Sam Soon' if you noticed. Am sure, it will feel great to get a hug from these hunk. Seducing enough.

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