Funny incident

Well, back from KL last week. Done with my 3 hr facial , 1hr+ hair treatment, shopping and eating. Now back SG work like dog again. Oh..I managed to get the book ' Good In Bed' by Jennifer Weiner. Currently busy read ' In Her Shoes' also by Jennifer Weiner. Quite interesting story.

Well, the book titled Good In Bed sound kinky isnt it. Well, I can tell u is not true. I was taking Eltabina bus from KL - SG on sunday nite and the guy his mid 30+ or near 40 yrs old kua.. was seat next to me. Taking his 1st bus to SG to Changi Airport for his Beijing business trip. He find my book sound kinky. So, we talk rubbish..blah blah n exchange name card. Well, not many ppl know wat the heck is my job description. Basically, I am migration consultant for payroll outsourcing. Go google and search yrself. I've explain many times to alot ppl already..tired leh ~_~". I can feel he was something something toward me from they way he talk and he can use his hand to tap my arm la, hand la.. juz like we are so close.. (u wanna mati izzit !!!)

Continue my story, so I reached SG past 11.30pm and take taxi to home. Then around 12+ am, I got this call from the guy i met in the bus, so he miss his flight and gonna stay a nite in SG. Blah blah blah, so he ask me out for dinner. Ok.

So, I decide to meet him at Takashimaya, Orchard Rd. Blah blah blah, as usual guy do gif compliment. By the way, i didnt do any makeup and my hair is messy and tired af working hr. I juz wearing my white coat, white heels with black pantyhole. He was suggesting eat at his seafod by the seaside..romantic kononnya..but he dunno where is the place and i also i bring him go eat at Sushi Tei at Takashimaya. Just nearby, no need go so far. Eat eat eat ~ my salmon slice, tasty otopuss etc. So after dinner, where to since it just 7pm+. and then he ask me where i like to go..of course Orchard leh..duh..
Again, he wanna go to some where near to sea or river....gosh... I told him nothing special bout SG river or the seaview watever, he jus mentioned goin with diff person will have diff feeling..arr...this triggered me I said..let go to Isetan ! I need to buy M.A.C cream eyeliner wauhahahaaha..potong his stim ~~ so blah blah blah...all the time I purposely didnt mentioned whether am single or wat. So, when the time is ready, I juz simply said tat I plan to go holiday with my bf soon. fuh~~ potong stim again... then wait no more longer, I said I wanna go home...byeee~~, nice to meet u !!

So after tat nite, he never call me again ~~ wauhahaha...he is the innocent guy I ever meet..simple guy with his working shirt and spec. he is quite old mature for me, juz not my cup of tea..sorry if i make him misunderstood..btw, for those still remember , I saw this my ex college mate, Andrew. Small little boy with heavy english accent, mat saleh dress code..i saw him went to SG and another in Bouno Vista Mrt. After many years, he still the same boy..


Cely said...

hahhaha.. u so bad.. got free dinner no call me!!!

mars said... time i meet sui yu, i call u guys along..wahhaha