Merry xmas & Happy New Year

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to everyone. celebrate with ur love one and may god bless u all.
Guess is my xmas gift tis year..OMG ! Never in my life thinking to own such 'bulu bulu' pillow !! Juz not my cup of tea.Totally unexpected gift of the year.Thank to my darling ~ and now my room look so dam pinkish, girlish .... *sweating
For xmas & new year 2007, I do bought myself a little gift, NIKE sport shoes. Xmas sales in SG is great and our wallet bleed hard :(

Happily shopping in Bugis, Orchard, VivoCity, Suntec,AMK Hub, etc. Is a chance to grab cheap stuffs for coming Chinese New Year. This is the 3rd year I celebrate xmas with my darling. 1st year in KL, totally drunk and sitting beside drain (*vomitting) while 2nd year, celebrated in Penang and this year in Singapore. After xmas, if time to celebrate new year, then another big day coming soon (*hint ~ehem) Orchard Road
Anyone need this for xmas eve ? a little excitement mayb? or to cure loneliness
Busy in fitting room @ Ang Mo Kio Mall

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