Claypot Chicken Rice

After recommend by Ho Jiak, I went to try this Claypot Chicken Rice at Shi Yue Tian @ Bdr Kinrara. What's so special here is, the rice was cook using the charcoal. Be prepared to wait at least 40mins. The marinated chicken was tender and the chinese sausage adding some nice aroma. The rice was not overcooked which most ppl prefer to have the overcooked rice when having claypot chicken rice. Frankly speaking, the chicken rice here is not what I expected. Hardly find some salty fish in the rice. Next month I will show the real nice claypot chicken rice @ Penang. To be cont...

The business open daily from 5pm - 10pm. The place was really crowded and ppl are queue up all the night. Price small (Rm3.50) Large (Rm8.00)

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