How to spice up your life

I am not so feeling well today.There is a symptom of cough & sore throat. I need to take leave and rest...
Sitting in front of my pc alone in da room @ office make me feel so empty. Everyone have something missing in their life and me too. The missing things eventually will come to us and we did no need to go and search for it although we try too :p

So, what is missing from your life ? I probably can lend a telescope for you to seach further or torch light to search among the darkness. If not, try other way to make your life more interesting.

How to spice up your life? To be happy we need to find a balance between comfort and adventure. If you keep on living your life on predictable styles, it feels boring and there is no room for improvement. To move on or not is up to you.

As for me, I want to improve and I want my ppl besides me happy and improve as well. Not necessary to spend alots money to make you happy. Have some activities with your friends or your love. It's is important to move out from the comfort zone. For some ppl, just a little maybe enough. (I guess this is me coz am lazy..hahahaha) Improve doesn't mean need to change yourself. Personally, I dont really like ppl who try  to change the way I am. I am who I am. wtf

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