What Do Men Really Want?

I read through an article in one of the local newspaper today and yet this is still a hot topic.

I do admit that men range from 0 to 10. Men have evolved themselves and start to grasp the fact that their role may not bas as it once before .Some men are really smart and some are really dumb. Most of the women think brains are more attractive than bulges. "But not too smart, like a 'smarty pants' because that's a definite turn off," tut-tut one femme who is dating a finance guy. "Smart men are definitely better to date than a footballer or a rock star; at least you know they're not screwing around."

Most women often confuse and doubt what men really want.

1. Men love intelligence & independent women. Men are seeking a woman who is attractive to them. Men aren't necessarily looking for a catwalk model and many men don't like women who weigh 80lbs. Men are proud of having a girlfriend who looks good and but a beauty without brains will never kept a man mentally & physically motivated for long term. Men want women with a great sense of humor and are sociable which make her fun to be with. Men love a women whom able to communicate with those around her with variety of subjects. While some men wants women to be able to make own decisions and not afraid to take challenge.

2. Men love a challenging woman, someone who keeps them on their toes. When a man is challenged so he does something about it. If you want to keep your man interested, keep him challenged.

3. Men really know what they want in bed and constantly try to improve their skills. The adventurous sexual appetite in men never changes. Some like to have a lots of partners while some prefer do it with the same partner. Most couples feel they experience intimacy and sharing through sex. Open discussion and sharing without doubt will help continued success of a relationship.

to be continue...

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