First Encounter With Waxing

Ouch..My first encounter with Brazilian waxing was on a raining night. OMG, I'm gonna show off my XXX besides my nearest person.The consultant was friendly enough explaining the step. The funny part is, they mistaken me with one of their customer. According to them, we really look alike. No wonder, once I step in they ask me alot question. Huhuhu

Well, back to waxing. Lying on the bed with only a towel to cover downpart. The consultant will first trim the hair until 1cm long before applying the warm wax. Rip...ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..Holding tight my 10 fingers and the process only take 30mins. Final step, s she progressed to tweezers to pluck out those remaining hair from my privates to ensure the skin is hairless & smooth.

While the consultant do her job, I was thinking..these gal muz see various types of crotch & they muz be already immune.
The price for full strip was RM88. First time customer as encourange to use the different wax to reduce pain which will cost extra RM30.You might need a serum after the process to repair & close the pores. Is cost Rm20.

They also provide lotion to prevent ingrown hair & rashes after waxing. Only apply a thin layer on the affected areas. They lotion can be use up to 6 month.

The smoothness and sexiness of waxing are really worth it.Make it a suprise gift to your love one and I am sure their mouths drooled and will hard on once they touch there...


Cely said...

hahaha... how long it will take to grow back.. the hair...?

are u ready for something ??? hmmm

i scare pain.. and very paiseh leh...

mars said...

hahaha.the consultant said the waxing can last up to 3 weeks. pain..alittle bit pain but the process so fast & the pain disappear so fast.
get ready to gif suprise to someone lor..kkakaka

paiseh..first first will geh..lolx