Transsexual Launch Album

OMG..Jessie (Zhong Jie Xi) or the original name Jeffrey (Zhong Xuan Tai) try to be a female singer. Anyway,watever la...they are rich so they can do watever they want but so sad they could not have children of their own. This is the only regret in their life.

The love bird are so mad deeply in love with each other and after few years of relationship, they tide up the knot with approval of both side parent. "Arr..I will bless my son & my daughter in law..... ~.~" & " Coughin* Please take care of my son,my good son in law.He is yours now"

Joshua met Jessie before she change her sex. Two 'malatlou' dating..Oh gosh..Remind me gay having sex..Isk isk..but thanks to the new technology, now Joshua able to have normal sex instead of come from behind. Wondering which one he prefer more. hmmm ouchhh


KUALA LUMPUR: A year ago, Jessie Chung attracted the regional media when she announced her wedding plans.
Chung, the transsexual who made headlines last year when she married Joshua Beh, an accountant, is once again making waves.
Chung released her first album as a female recording artiste yesterday.
The album entitled Loving You is Chung's first album as a female singer, and her third so far. Her previous two albums A Heart Filled With Love and There Is Decision were recorded six to eight years ago when she was still physically a man.
Chung, whose original name was Jeffrey, underwent three operations to become a woman three years ago.


Cely said...

they make me feel sick...
but i admire their guts

mars said...

I just saw her promotion poster at kopitiam today ! gosh..