Team Building Day

Event: Team Building
Venue : East Coast Park - SG

more pics coming soon...I love the rock climbing activities and is 'kacang'. So easy and is fun. I missed the flying fox game as there isn't enough time to play as our bus is waiting for us. Too sad. I love those all exciting games...muz do it b4 I'm too old to play. Let see my HR in Oh ya..did I tell you that, the guard said this to me when I am standing at balcony of 4 storey high building without any safety belt. He giv a warning and say" you too thin and the wind will blow you away leh.." my answer " Excuse me..I am too heavy for wind to carry me away..see my big ass..hahhahaa."
btw, I don see am too thin..juz ngam ngam. 167 cm & 52kg !! cloths size 8..not too thin la...kanasai


RealGunners said...

pek pao jor still got team building, hahaha great

mars said...

abothen..I still serve notice..which means i still eligible to join any event till my last day..kekeke