Thing that you do

Seven things you plan to do before you die:

1-Have a greatEx SEX ! muhahaha
2- Have a killer body
3- Burn down my current company
4-Own a coffee/dessert house
5-Travel around the world
6- Name my childs - Paris, Cleopatra,apple..watever
7- Give my parents a hse and cash! (~.~!!)

Seven things I could do:
1-work work work
2-pay off my debt
3-have wet kiss
5-change job
6-eat and shops
7-wake up happily every morning

Seven Celebrity crushes:
1-Daniel Wu
2-Takuya Kimura (my all time fav)
3-Josh harnett
4-Wallace Huo
5-Kwon Sang Woo
6-Jay Chou
7- Maria Sharapova (i love her , love her body, love her hair)

Seven often repeated words:
4-nia seng
6- sei lor
7-hou fei arr

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
2-A guy who wear after shave cologne
3-Clean & neat

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