Why Do I Blog

I've been reading Cely's blog daily to see wat's her update. All of sudden, I've been tagged. Yadayada...ok..stop the crap and come to the main.
Why I do Blog ? hmmm

1 - At first I start blog 2 years back where I think I need write a dairy and if I write it on a book, for sure it will lost. So I choose online but don expect me to write every single things in details coz online is not P&C..I won't tell how many times I make love this month kk! lolx

2- Secondly, I want to update my news to my long lost friends, ppl who know me but seldom meet and those in overseas which including my friends and my sister. Due to busy schedule, I only update the blog weekly. So last weekend, I went to Passion & Aloha..dam blardy packed but as usual alots OO floating around.hahaha.. and I've not enough sleep laaaarrr.. dieee

3- Third - I want to share with you all wat's the nice food tat I've tried. Btw, diff ppl have diff taste. Sorry if the food I've introduce is not nice.

4- Fourth - Coz I've been tagged by Cely. & I can't think who I wanna tagged.

5- Lastly, Tell me wat you don like about yourself? You need a facelift? BOTOX? Tummy tuck ? or mayb a boob job? I wanna let u guys know that I'm watching Nip / Tuck (Complete full set) right now and this is a disturbingly perfect drama 18sx (no censored part) which is awesome.

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