She might not reach orgasm although both of you are having sex for 2 years. Why ? Open discussion would not wreck the relationship between two of you.

Try these:-

Early Morning
Tell her how hot her skirt/dress today. Women androgen levels are high in the morning and low in the evening, ehich means her body is most ready for sex in the a.m. Your job is to make her think of you during her busy dat, and that starts with brewing the coffee, giving her a morning kiss(affection), complimenting her outfit(sex) and letting her take the lead sometimes during sex(empowerment).

Make the call or send the email. Men respond most readily to external, visual triggers. Women usually respoond to internal triggers-a thought or memory of something sexual or romantic. When you touch the base with her at midday think relationship, not sex. You call or amel will unload her from stress and let her step toward relaxation.

Rush Hour
Hug her when you come home. Don't let go. Don't alwiz feel like cuddling after sex?Fine-get it out of the way. Cuddle hormone that counteracts stress and encourages bonding. For guys, stress can increase desire.

Do some hosuework and let her relax for a moment. She will love you more.

Sip wine and share. Turn off the TV, talk or just listen.

Hit the lighst. One of the biggest reasons women can't relax during sex is body image.Keep the lights low. A candle? Aroma oil ? Perfect.
Some foreplay us verbal. Quiet talk continues the unwinding process and help you connect. Talk about upcoign event or anything that reinforces the notion of you as a team. But encourage sexual talk! As her brain start stimulating, keep doing excatly what you're doing. Get her to relax, wet and hot at the same time. Bingo !

Cuddle. Mayb she need 2nd round?

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