Today pick

How many great love you ever had ? Mayb one , if you're lucky. Love only come to you only when you truly believe you deserved it. Some of you do and some don't. Some might think 'helluyah..i'm so in love'..while the others think ' bullshit..I'm just trying so hard yet still not there'.

There are so many men out there. Catch one if you can. Catch no one if you don want to.
Men who are too good-looking are never good in bed because they never had to be. Looking at their great look will totally melt yr heart away and forgot how his dick slide in out from yr pussy.

Anothe question.Have you ever caught yr men eating another women pussy ? Once you do, you will never get the trust back. Think again gals. You will probably see so many bitches flying over him and imagine some slut offering chocolate serve over her breast. You might not catch him fucking, but he will do it again and you can't stop wondering when this happen again. You probably getting fcuk up and tired.

Life may have its up and down but there's never a dull moennt when you're part of the ulimate glossy pose.

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