Drama marathon

Busy watchin Moonlight resonance (Kar hou Yuet Yun) for the past few week. Personally, i think this better than 1st one. The story are more excite, more slogan, more fightin scene and the bad are more evil.

Kar Mei - I wanna pull her hair out ! slap her for being rude & greedy !! sei lui pao
Yu Shou Chau - Slap her for crying all the time..useless
Hong Yee - So old still look great..salute her
Sa Yee - Sa yee arr...scold ppl non stop...geng
Kun kar chai - kelian ~~alwiz heartbroken

anway, great drama !

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RealGunners said...

kun kar jai is my fav leh.. bcz i feel i will be like him.. haihzz