The day after Good Friday

Not unusual for this year Easter. Sleep early and woke up the next day. Went to have breakfast and then head to Fitness First (with my guest pass ^^)
Run on threadmill, then do some weightlifting and stretching. While am enjoying a break with newspaper, my frens came to me and ask me to join the class - La Hip Hop.I do enjoy the class and I do realise with my age, my bones & muscle are so not listening to me. dam..I look like a monkey..dancing nonsense. I should practise more. Complete gym with steam bath is a must to relax yrself.
After gym, head down to Wangsa Maju to have swak laksa.
Took Kinrara - Sg Besi (due to heavy rain, all car are slow) - Jalan TUn Razak heading to Jalan Semarak (jam!!), so we made a U-Turn to Jalan Ampang (jam again!!!) then turn to MRR2 at hotel flamingo (When u see jam, u can guess either is accident or road block.coz msian are so kepoh.slow down the vehicle just to see what happen. Result = jam again!!)
End up stuck in jam for about 2 hrs..and the laksa was sold..out of stock by the time we reached there.So i end up with extra hot char kuey teow. Quite good and burpss..
Never underestimate KL road although it is weekend.

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