Goodbye my fren

It is really sad when I got this news. My sis best friend got hits by a cab and dead on the scene. Although I only see her once during our trip to HK last year but I alwiz heard her from my sis. She is just a sweet loving and energetic young gal.
Life is so unpredictable and I believe God luv her more and tat's y she was taken away at such a young age. God pls take care of her and hope she is happy, pretty in another world. Continue your journey gal, play hard and rest in peace. Everyone gonna miss you xxxx
The Star UK

GRIEVING Sheffield students held a candlelit vigil for a young woman hit and killed in a collision with a taxi at the weekend, only moments after getting off a bus.
The 19-year-old student - named Joyce, and Chinese - was knocked down by a maroon coloured cab in the early hours of Saturday as she tried to cross Manchester Road in Broomhill.

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