Accidental death verdict for Ka Yi Wu
By Michael Hunter
Published: 11/11/2009

A University of Sheffield student had blood coming from both nostrils after she was knocked over and killed by a taxi on her way home from the Information Commons, an inquest has heard.

Ka Yi Wu, 19, died from head injuries including a fractured skull less than 30 minutes after being hit by the taxi on Manchester Road in Broomhill, Sheffield Coroner’s Court was told.

Wu, originally from China and known to friends as Joyce, was a second year Business Studies student at the University.

Assistant Deputy Coroner David Urpeth said: “Whilst the death of anyone is always a tragedy, the death of somebody so young is particularly poignant.

“This was a young lady who had been a long way from home. The reason why she was out so late was that she was studying hard. The fact that she met her death in the way she did is an utter tragedy.”

Wu had been studying in the IC on Saturday, April 24 and took a bus from Weston Park to Manchester Road shortly after midnight.

She got off at the bus stop facing Tapton House Road and tried to cross Manchester Road from behind the bus as it pulled away.

The driver of the taxi, Mohammed Shafique, said he was driving at around 30mph in the opposite direction to the bus when he heard a loud bang at the side of his cab.

Wu had been wearing dark clothing on the night which left her “virtually invisible”, said PC Jarrod Barton, a collision investigator for South Yorkshire Police.

But PC Barton said a police reconstruction suggested Wu collided with the front of the cab, contrary to Mr Shafique’s evidence.

The impact of the collision left Wu immediately unconscious. Her black tights were torn and there was a smear of blood where her body landed and slid across the road.

A right handprint was uncovered on the bonnet of the taxi where she had been carried for a short distance, while the number plate was dislodged.

PC Barton said the taxi would have been unable to stop even if Mr Shafique saw her emerge from the back of the bus.

Mr Shafique was released without charge after being interviewed by police earlier this year.

The coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.

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