Love ♥ or Bun

Love or Bun aka Money

Both are intertwined.We need love to live a meaningful life, have relationships, because we need to have sense of attachment. At the sametime , we need money to support our basic living.

Which is more important?? Money is a sensitive topic. Human try to avoid the conversation because it will create unhappiness, unpleasantness and misunderstand between your partners, family and friends. I totally agreed with this.

For younger generation, love is important but for us the older generation..we have growth up both phsically and mentally. Bun are definetely more important nowadays. With bun you can find love too. Not to said that we are greedy but we still need money to go for dating, food, travel and etc. For me, there is no such thing as 'yau ching yam sui bao' lor. But I will said how you spend your money depends how you feel and think. Our belief in money and how we manage our money are influence by our family, lifestyle, exposure and environment in which we grew up and currently living.Therefore, it is unusual to have both couple have similar thoughts about managing money but love and money can make a blissful relantionship.

Sometimes it is our faith ... either you are rich, moderate or poor. You just can't ignore it.....

tien arrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!

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