Goodbye 2010

Few more days and it will come to end, Year 2010. Looking back what I've done for 2010, actually there isn't much things happening. Often in life, we can take things for granted. Just being able to walk is something to be grateful for. How many ppl out there are disable and unable to simply walk up a stairs? Focus on all the good things in your life and eventually it will establish positive energy.

Anyway, is time for year end confession.
  1. Apologize if I have hurt anyone. I really don't mean it. Accept it or not is totally up to you. Life is too short to regret.
  2. Appreciate your family and friends. I am happy to meet alot new friends this year and I will treasure every one of you.
  3. Completed alot activity and outings.
  4. Preparation for next year big event
  5. Gains weight..arghhh
  6. Curse alot this year. God, please forgive my sin. I beg you.
  7. Skin condition is deteriorating..
  8. Spend more than save..i am dead*
New Year Resolution
  1. Lose weight
  2. Get a better career
  3. Learn photographer and attend more events if possbile
  4. Learn grooming
  5. Earn more money
  6. More outing and travels with friends and family
  7. Wish these evil ppls get out of my sight
  8. To be more gratitute. Try starting each day by focusing on gratitude
  9. Improve my english in terms of communication and grammar
  10. Continues beg god to forgive my sin :p
  11. to be continue....


FCUK said...

SAVE more $$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!

imageINC. by BerniceB said...

Hi Marianne,

In the area of Grooming and personal development, I believe we can work together..

Let me know your thoughts.

RealGunners said...

grammar, not grammer, my dear..