Last 2 weeks ( long weekend) went to PD for BBQ.
Was a fun trip although one day trip.

On Sat we all went to MV for lunch at Mdm Kwan, newly open branch..jeng ar ! then we to supermarket to buy BBQ food, etc. For dinner, we head to Jln Alor then yum char section at Bukit Bintang coffee bean.

The next day (Sunday) I was assigned to prepare some meals incl salad, sandwiches, marinate chicken wings & etc. By 1pm..taytay come n pick me up and went to his hse to wait for others.
By 6 pm we reach PD and start BBQ!!!

eat eat, chat chat, play, play, walk walk until 4am. Head back to KL and reached home at 6am..sleep lar..wat else !

That's was fun. 9 ppl BBQ on tat day ~

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