Sad Love Story (2005)

Starring: Kwon Sang Woo as Suh Jun Hyung, Kim Hee Sun as Park Hae In, Yun Jung Hoon as Lee Gun Woo, and Kim Yun Joo as Cha Hwa Sung.

The story starts off as Jun Hyung, Hwa Sung, and Hae In as children. Hae In, blind, moves into Jun Hyun's house. Jun Hyung' s mom owns a night club and constantly with other guys, while Jun Hyung' s dad is kicked out of home by Jun Hyung' s mom and isn' t really in the story until later. Hwa Sung, a girl with a crush on Jun Hyung, quickly develops a rivalry kind of feeling towards Hae In. To make matters worse, Hae In likes Jun Hyung nd the two of them get together.

Another guy in the neighborhood Lee Min Woo likes Hwa Sung and hates Jun Hyung for breaking her heart and Hae In for being the cause of it. The four of them continue to grow up while their hatred for one another begins to get out of hand.As Hae In and Jun Hyung grow older, they begin to realize how hard it truly is for the two of them to be together since Jun Hyung' s mom doesn' t like Hae In. Thus, his mom tells Hae In and her aunt to leave. Jun Hyung' s mom gets in a rage when he gets into another fight with Min Woo. His mom sends Jun Hyung to his dad, who lives in Seoul.

In Seoul, Jun Hyung gets a new name, the name that his father gives him, Choi Jun Kyu. At school, "Jun Kyu" meets Gun Woo and the two of them become close friends. Then, Gun Woo goes to New York for college...Meanwhile, Hae In' s aunt finds an American man through her friend and gets married. The aunt' s husband promises her that Hae In will get her eye sight back if the two of them get married and leave for New York, but finds that it was all a lie.

The husband gets a drinking problem because of the money budget and starts to beat Hae In' s aunt. Hae In and her aunt leave his house and lands on the streets. There, they meet Gun Woo and Gun Woo falls in love with Hae In.

Hwa Sung finds out about Hae In and sends a letter to her and her aunt that Jun Hyung is dead when he's not. Gun Woo pays for Hae In's surgery and the two plan to get married...Gun Woo and Hae In come back to Seoul, Korea and Jun%2