Just another boring day

Aiiiiii !!! so dam blardy sien ...don know why suddenly today feel no energy & mood...work getting more & more ... one ppl do 2 - 3 ppl things...wat the fc*K...how they balancing the work..wanna hired more ppl but offer so dam low salary..Hey...Cyberjaya wat..wat u expect..good quality workers with low salary..who want to work !!

Get so many clients but not enough workers...In the end..one ppl do two ppl work...I myself handling 4 clients wit my supervisor.Look after 2000 + employees..imagine juz 5 of them called up everyday...HEADACHE !!

Pray hard to god..SIA SIA except me...!! haizz....* dreamin lar me~

Really wanna get my dream job..Will work hard to get dream job one day !

Any company wanna hire ppl ! contact me as I wanna resigned within this 2 months...beh tahan with the job..imagine everyday u reach office and then "Gosh..another day in hell !" MSN also not allowed! how to work leh like tat ...

aiii..faster weekend lar..so i can relax ~

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