Yummy Yummy

Food..I love the most..If I really want to eat, I will definetely go and eat no matter what. Usually on saturday afternoon, I will go-rounding and search for delicious food before my gym section in the evening..hehhee..can burn it out after eat..ngek ngek ngek

This cake is from La Boheme, Jusco..Worth it for the price..Delicious

Marble cheese cake from Secret Receipe & Starbucks..Definetely must try..

Cheesecake from Breadtalk...not only cake, they also provide variety of beautiful cum tasty bread.... slurp

Oreo cheesecake from Secret Receipe...one of my fav..yummy!

Ham Chim Peng or chinese fried donut/pastry.. I love it ! Must eat it while still fresh. eg stall in front of Chow Yang (SS2), front of Restoran Keen (SS20/11, Damansara Kim, nite stall in Hang Tuah lrt areas and many stalls in KL.

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