Step to total wellness

Took a drive to MV yday morning..have a short time of window shopping.... meet Cely during her lunch for while..
Head to Cres, Bangsar for facial appoitment at 1pm with eunice.
Wat a wonderful treatment..fall asleep during face & shoulder massage.. After approx 2 hr ..head to slimming room for 1st time try..Arrr...need takek off everything ! Only wearing my panty & bra cover

Took measurement and start treatment... aARRrr...not an easy treatment..sakit ! Ouch ..45 mins electrolysis done...fuh...lost 9cm all togather ~

Brief by Chelly, my counsultant after Joe resigned...Saw her yday..Heheheh..Joe was so cute & pretty..juz like a barbie dolls..

Start the extreme diet plan from this week onwards..hopefully can see the diff in a month...cham leh...yum char section will need to cut down..

stop writting lor...continue on my new series korean drama...Sad Love Story (2005) by Kwon Sang Woo & kim Hee Seon..another nice drama !

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