I’m sick of love messing with me,
How it fills up your veins,
Just to make you empty,
And how the constant hurt canes.

I’m sick of the constant,
serious pain,
Giving me lots of stress,
It’s taking me down the wrong lane,
But suicide will cause a big mess.
I’m sick of seeing your beautiful eyes,

Even though when I look deep,
All that horrible pain I have dies,
But it will return worse to steal my sleep.
I’m sick of trying my best to pretend,

That all is good and well,
When this pain never seems to end,
Makes me think I’m in hell.

I’m sick of having to put on a fake smile,
Just so you don’t feel bad,
Cause you’ve liked some one else for a while,
And you don’t know it makes me sad.

I’m sick of you not being able to know,
How much I care about you,I
just gotta try and let you go,
I’m just not sure what I should do

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