One day Annual Leave

Fri, 19/8/2005,

Morning - Online chatting with my collegues (david, nicole & shirley) and other online frens. David told me that Lion (my fc*k superior) is backstabing me while am on leave. Dammit her.
Whatever, don bloody care bout her.As long as I get my work done. Chatting online to plan wat to do on friday nite.

Noon - Taytay came to pick me up. Went to drink tong sui togather and then to Kota raya. Dam bloody hot day..Sweating!! by 4++pm... we quickly move to MidValley. Have a glass of mocha frappuchino while taytay have mocha latte in Starbucks while waiting for others to finish work n join us. Talk and looks around (* really alots lengluis around)

Evening - Finally arrived (7++pm) ....... ( DL, NM, SO,CK,YW ) have dinner ~ talk talk talk, hmmm...on monday onwards I muz get DL to be my Flex order to familiarist with Flex Rules & policies. I want to be CSE...same position wit my superior..Sei yan a gilden chance...gambateh...after dinner, walk

Nite - Yumchar time !!! talk talk talk....gossip gossip....till early morning...yawn ~ is time to sleep lor..... san pen....all go home ~

(This is what I do for one day annual leave, although the schedule was boring, but i was very happy & feel warm...winzk* muakssss )

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