Another mOody Day~

Haih..yday was a dam bloody moody day...

.I know it was my fault for overspending. This already make me feel like in deep shit. My parent opens my cc statement without my acknowlegement, and this is absolutely no manner. I do know they will angry at me. Mum keep nagging me all the time. Haih..I do not have the motivation to go home at all. Yday I walk from lrt and walk home around 8pm..walk walk walk..the walk from lrt to my home around 15-20 mins..went home..silent all the nite..mum nag nag nag..Dad keep his silent although i know he's angry. In-directly, he told mum, to warn me..yeah yeah..ngor ji chor la !! >.<

U think I feel good meh..Every month I paid approx about RM700 for cc. Left 200-300 for daily use.. I was plannin changing job..should I go for high paid but job scope is like rubbish or should I go for work relates to studies with salary so so only. But there will a be career enchancement.. ?!?!? Someone help me..!??!

I do think I should get help from fren like borrow money .. U know sure got someone will lend u * but I don want to coz I don want to owe him anything. Yeah..I can pretend like him n get $$ from him….but how can I do it…

My current plan was find good job..(in mind salary expectation would be 2K) ..hmm….700-home,800cc-left 200 daily use…muz do part time I can paid off my debt in 2 yrs time.. Lookin for nite bartender/hostess for club/ any job tat would get me some extra cash..but of course I will not do something bad or exchange for my body ! no way ..

Haih…really need a shoulder to cry on..need a fren to talk to..need someone to hug..need close fren advised…so I know tat I am not alone in the world. Would like to talk to diff ppl for diff advised/diff kind of need.

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