how important is money? relationship? friends?

currently listening to : Yu Heng - Yi ran shi peng you

Money? what you know about money ? I left 5 bucks in my wallet..then borrow 10 bucks from leng mui.. knn HR..received cheque today..but didnt not bank in many excuses she give..
Wat a shame for an outsoursing company..we are the one doin payroll and need to meet cliend deadlines..but our own HR..alwiz late...wat an Excellent HR services...Our HR manager..salary is very good...workload ..ceh......HR manager konon...didnt know how to do payroll, not even know how to put payslip into printin machine..haih.. unfair !
Money ! now is on top of my list..need to pay off my debt.. where to get money with this current job..workload is double up..tension n stess..hopeless company...muz jump out ASAP..

Relationship...wit famly members is not as good as it get... friends ... alots... close frens...few of them..i need them.....special fren..yeah..i like my dardar ..want to own him..not 100% but 60%...need to find out answer from him soon...wish me all the best..

suddenly feel like eating dessert...cheesecake? chocolate banana? brownie..?
I am so broke !!!!!!!!!!

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