Astrology Time

Friday, today is my ular day as my boss not in. ehh..not to
said that I'm lazy but today just not in the mood to work..
coz is Friday!..watever.
As I browse through my coll blog, I found this website typical
Astrology site

I read through my horoscope...blah blah and i found it was
totally not right.Hey, I am capricorn and I am totally not
the same as what being describe as below. Anyway, don't
believe all..believe yourself is most important after all.

Capricorn Woman
Capricorn is the
pretty coed you knew in college, the one who looked like
Grace Kelly and wore cashmere twin sweater sets.

Buy her a set in butterscotch or a soft pastel color.
For cold winter nights, get her lambskin slippers to
keep her pretty pink toes warm. Since this sign rules
things of value from the past, surprise her with a piece
estate jewelry you purchased at auction, or a pair of your
Grandmother's pearls or diamond earrings. She loves most
antiques, so you might choose a beautiful old quilt for her
bedroom along with some antique cotton lace pillows, or
Oriental bowl for her mantle. Replicas are fine if well done,
perhaps bought at a museum shop. Another great idea would be
an authentic Schwinn bike, replicated from the 1950's
that are all the rage among the status set.
(They don't come cheap, so if you live in
New York where bikes get ripped off daily, think twice.)

An old radio, real or a replica of the 1920's could make a hit too.
She is career-oriented, so buy her a fine attache case,
portfolio or a filofax to keep her appointments.
For fragrance, she prefers classic scents from France.

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DarReNz said...

mostly is just general one .... if you want more accurate you have to look at tour date of birth .....