Baby Milo

My lovely sam soon post ~ Look at me !! so dam chubby ! really no eye see =.="
Anyway this is taken in meeting room, coz got bday celebration on friday + Earth Day. All staff need to wear either blue or green outfits on that day. So, here we are the green gang~
The women in blue (above) is my dept manager. Good manager (responsible, resonable, tolerance & workaholic) While the indian guy next to her is our Center Director. No need tell anything about him.waste my time. And the last the lady in green (pic above) is our training manager, Sherine. Nice, funny & leng lui. Still single i guess...want her contact no, ask me ya ! lolx

This is our IT network engineer, wearing baby milo shirt today as I dare him to wear it this morning ! muahahaha.


DarReNz said...

nice ler got Earth day ... mine every friday is just casual ....

Cely said...

so nice... suzzanne already a manager?