Korean Food

Korean Food is casually represented by bulgogi and kimchi. In fact, however, Koreans are proud of their diet, quite varied and full of nutrition. It is richly endowed with fermented foods, vegetables and grains, soups, teas, liquors, confectionery and soft drinks.

After sometimes, I decide to have korean food tonite. So, I settled for Dae Sa Kwan, Korean BBQ Restaurant. The restaurant was open not long ago in Sri Hartamas. Quite alot of ppl, maybe it is dinner time as I went there @ 7.30pm.

The menu have nicely designed & quite impressive as the menu in korean words with English translation but no picture. You won't know what is the food look like if you not korean food fans.

The Korean meal is almost always accompanied by a big bowl of hot soup or stew, and the classic meal contains a variety of vegetables. So, I ordered a ginseng chicken soup. Tasty outlook ya. The soup contain quarter chicken with ginseng, dates, etc. Is actually smell good and taste good. But the downside is, I think too much MSG. Keep me wanting water after that. (RM30 per bowl)

My main dish of the night is bibimbop. The dish come with a chili paste. It's basically rice with mixed vegetables, beef,mushroom & egg. The dish was delightful and delicious but is really quite filling. You need to mixed the food and add in some chili paste to enhanced food taste and the aroma of the food was excellent. (RM16)

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