Roti Babi

Finally, get to taste Roti Babi @ Yut Kee. The Old kopitiam is located at Jalan Dang Wangi,Opposite the Wilayah Complex. Is a corner shop.

The kopitiam is a good place for early breakfast. The roti babi basically is a toast bread with shredded pork, onions & waxed chinese sausages (lap cheung). The bread was really soft but abit oily. I can feel the oil inside the bread once u bite it. This roti best serve with worchestershire sauce.

The price is RM7 and it's really expensive. Overall rate is 4/10.The roti bakar is nice and the homemade kaya is surprisingly taste good. They even sell it. You may get it from the cashier counter. Price unknown. I & RT ordered 2 teh si ice, one set roti bakar, one set half boiled egg & roti babi which cost RM14.50.

I think it's expensive for such kopitiam. Mayb is located in KL and already famous.who's know...

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