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Have you visit The HuStLeR DiaRieS blog frequently ? Just read through his lastest entry. Quite a funny & interesting one. Alot women read his blog, incl me of course. I wonder how he look like. Middle age man, tall, deep sound, dress well, behaved well and of course sexy. I find him very mysterious, cheecky and energetic. He is a playboy but he's not a bastard tat break a women heart. I feel that way as a result from his blog.
He is very sensitive and details man. He can describe the seduction & sex process very exciting and stimulating. He certainly have lotsa great sex experience that make me wanna meet this sleekblackmercedes guy.Don't look at me one kind okie. It is normal and absolutely healthy for a young women to have this kind of feeling. Don't lie yourself ! Some of the bitch in the office probably a bitch on the bed also. Some quiet gal next to you probably a wild cat on the bed. " Fck me, bastard!. Harder and deeper!" lolx

Life - Eat delicious food, see lengchai and have wonderful yet satisfy sex. Am I rite ?

This is funny one, taken from his blog. This may happen when some girl reading his blog....

"..these girls are sitting at their tables, poring over their laptops and under the tables, they are squeezing their thighs together, rubbing the labia, clitoris and whatnot, the heat is burning and the juices are seeping out… their faces are flushed and their eyes are half closed. They are so fucking HORNY!!!"

Other interesting side.
Uninhibited Online
Arbitrary Prerogative/
Go and dream of a horny genie sittin on your lap and enjoy the sensual pleasure.

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